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Reward Engine

Performance compensation drives success.

Our powerful rewards engine delivers unlimited performance compensation, commissions, incentives, bonuses, overrides, distributions and more, for all customers, workforce, distribution channels, and supply-chain partners: a single system for every customer loyalty, employee, and channel/supplier reward.

Employee, workforce & business unit rewards

•  Sales revenue production, opportunity management, sales management

•  Sales activities, results, volumes, revenues, mix, distributions

•  Quotas, thresholds, minimum standards

•  Referrals, referral-to-sales, and referral productivity, intra- and inter-business unit

•  Customer service, satisfaction and retention


•  Service quality, time-to-resolution, error rates, accuracy, and service management

•  Asset and liability quality, risk ratios, loss ratios, volatility

•  Business Unit productivity, profitability, yield, output, efficiency, cost optimization

•  Performance ratings, competencies, training, and project-to-completion

•  Revenue Recognition: performance obligations, judgments/estimates, balances, adjustments


•  MBOs and related bonuses

•  Cash- and non-cash-based: all plans

•  Reward and recognition programs

•  Special Performance Incentives (SPIFFs)

•  Merit Pay programs: individual and group


•  Equity compensation programs; short-, medium-, long-term

•  Revenue and profit sharing, fee splits, distributions

•  Percentage, flat-rate, one-time and recurring commissions

•  Recoverable and non-recoverable draws


•  Accelerators, qualifiers, and caps; Manager overrides at all hierarchy levels

•  Lookback and pay-forward pay-outs, charge-back and prior period adjustment accounting

•  Payment and Payout Rules Management

•  Payroll System integration via API Engine

Customer, client & member rewards

•  Business-to-Consumer (B2C)

•  Business-to-Business (B2B)

•  Direct-to-Consumer (D2C)

•  Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C)

•  Loyalty Programs


•  Portfolio/relationship penetration, retention, enhancement, and profitability 

•  Account-based Management (ABM)

•  Lifetime Relationship Values (LRV) 

•  Relationship Revenue Values (RRV) 

•  Relationship Engagement Ratios (RER) 


•  Valued Net Promoter Scores (VNPS) 

•  Customer Lifecycle Development 

•  Pipeline/Revenue growth 

•  Customer engagement, loyalty, frequent-buyer 

•  Segmentation, migration and optimization 


•  Referrals made and conversion-to-sales 

•  Service-level management 

•  Cash, points, in-kind 

•  Influencers and social impact

•  Payment remittance via API Engine

Distribution channel rewards & compensation

•  Business-to-Channel 

•  Channel affiliate partners share/split and tracking 

•  Sales and opportunity management, production, volumes, profitability 

•  Customer satisfaction and service performance 

•  Revenue-sharing and distributions 


•  Profit-sharing and distributions

•  Cost allocations: macro, micro, nano 

•  Residuals: all dimensions and timing 

•  Royalties: all dimensions and timing


•  Seed-to-shelf, seed-to-sale 

•  Network and referral marketing 

•  Cooperatives 

•  Deal quality, deal profitability, average order value

Supply-Chain partner rewards & compensation

•  Business-to-Business 

•  Sales and revenue production 

•  Referrals and conversion-to-sales 

•  Service quality and response times 


•  Productivity, yield 

•  Perfect order, cycle times

•  Days-of-supply, billing accuracy 

•  Trade promotions 


•  Marketing campaign management productivity 

•  Co-operative Advertising 

•  Revenue Distributions 

•  Cost Allocations

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