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Metric Engine

Infinite performance management.

Our metric engine calculates infinite analytics and KPIs/OKRs from its vast native algorithm library, and derives performance scorecards, rankings, trends, time-series, profiles, analysis and decision-making insights for every customer, workforce member, partner, affiliate, supplier or other relationship.

Actionable performance management

•  Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Annual, Special-Period, or One-Time Processing
•  Source Data Definition, Integration and Management
•  Metrics and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Management

•  Objectives and Key Results (OKR) Management

•  Performance Scorecard Management


•  Individual (Workforce, Consumer, Entity) Participant Management
•  Organization Hierarchy and Territory Management
•  Goal, Quota and Objectives Management
•  Points, Credits, Revenue, and Value Measure Management
•  Individuals, Team, and Override Earnings Calculations


•  Compensation Result Dispute Resolution, Documentation, and Reporting

•  Payment and Payout Rules Management

•  Payroll System Integration Management

•  Audit Compliance Validation Support
•  Administrator Real-time On-line Reporting Access Management


•  Workforce and Affiliate Real-time On-line Reporting Access Management
•  User Security Role Management

•  Special Report and Data Export Management

•  Exception Data Resolution Management

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