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Lost & Found


Item Intake and Cataloging
Efficiently catalog found items with detailed descriptions, photos, and location details to simplify matching with lost reports.
Lost Item Reporting
Enable visitors to report lost items easily through a user-friendly interface, featuring form-fill options for descriptions, locations, and contact details.
Matching Engine
Utilize an advanced matching engine that automatically pairs found items with lost item reports, subject to final staff verification for accuracy.
Inventory Management
Efficiently manage found item inventory with tools for tracking storage locations, item status, and duration of storage to optimize item handling.
Communication Tools
Deploy automated messaging tools to update visitors on their lost item status and to facilitate claim-related communications.
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Simplified Lost & Found Management

Our Lost & Found module simplifies management with automated matching, efficient inventory tracking, and user-friendly reporting interfaces. Enhanced with automated communication tools, it ensures quick, accurate updates for visitors and staff.

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