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Relationship Manager

Own every relationship.

Omni-channel, omni-stream relationship and transaction management with customers, workforce, distribution channels, affiliates and supply-chain partners: any entities, any transactions.

Relationships rule the enterprise.

Our Total Relationship Management (TRM) platform gives you the full power to manage every relationship across your business or organization: prospects, customers, your workforce, sales and distribution channel partners, supply-chain vendors, service and implementation partners, affiliates, and even actual or virtual devices, machines, entities, nodes, facilities or locations.


The platform also enables you to manage infinite transaction types that your enterprise conducts with those relationships: quotes, sales, referrals, calls, service, orders, appointments, events, shipments, messages, workflows, documents, fulfillment, and anything else you do. TRM platform highlights include:


•  Quote-to-Cash: integrated quoting engine (QTC)

•  Product/Service and Transaction/Value management

•  Customer, Prospect and Affiliate Relationship Management (CRM)

•  Account-Based Management (ABM)


•  Comprehensive Customer Data Platform (CDP) 

•  Partner Relationship Management (PRM)

•  Supplier/Vendor Relationship Management (S/VRM)

•  Referral, Service and Workflow Management


•  Document and Content Management

•  Organization Hierarchy and Territory Management

•  User Security Role Management

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